To celebrate the 30° anniversary of Sassoalloro (1991-2021), the iconic wine of the Castello di Montepò, we produced Sassoalloro Oro, fruit of the study that lasted several years between Jacopo and Tancredi Biondi Santi in collaboration with the winemaker Donato Lanati.

From Sangiovese Grosso BBS11 grapes, a clone owned by the Biondi Santi family, Sassoalloro Oro comes from vineyards with excellent exposure and from plants over 15 years old. A new wine coming from the oenological tradition of the Biondi Santi Family melted to the research by Donato Lanati.


Sangiovese Grosso BBS11

30 years



…and even before the management of the vineyard, according to the acclaimed experience, have made it possible to enhance the uniqueness of this particular microzone dedicated to our Sangiovese Grosso BBS11. A selection of specially designed vats, the skilful control of fermentation temperatures and finally the use of 28.5 hl Slavonian oak barrels, in addition to traditional barriques, made possible to create a pure Sangiovese style wine.

Tasting Notes

Sangiovese ruby red, rich and bright. The elegant sensations of cherry and violet come out decisive at the first olfactory approach and then leave room for the boisé. The spicy aromas are expressed with elegance, precision and a lot of details; given by the texture of the woods in which it matures. To the taste tannins are silky, dense and fresh, nice balanced. The unmistakable flavor of BBS11 makes it a harmonious and elegant wine.

Food Pairings

Sassoalloro Oro finds its natural combination with Traditional Tuscan cuisine, specially with roasted game meats and medium-aged cheeses. It is an excellent meditation wine, to be tasted alone or on special occasions.



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